Papa Pear Saga Hack v3.0.2

Papa Pear Saga Hack

Papa Pear Saga Hack Cheat 2013

Candy Crush Saga has certainly made a big hit in the social media games and has even overtaken zynga’s big games.  It is a very simple game of mix and match yet its simplicity get more attention and is even addictive.  Now, King, the maker of the same game has released a new game called Papa Pear Saga which we thinks, will also be a sure hit to social media gamers.

Like its previous releases, this game is a simple 2D game and players just aim the cannon like launcher and fire at the pears and try to hit as many fruits as possible before it lands on the bucket under the fruits.  You do it until you reach the assigned task and move on to the next level.

Papa Pear Saga Hack Cheat 2013

We also enjoyed playing the game but we always do what we do best and that is hack the game.  Here’s is our first released hack that allows you to manipute the number of bullets you can fire at the fruits.  You see, the more bullets you have, the more chance you will get of hitting more fruits.  And with lots of bullets left when you complete the stage, you will also get hundred and thousands of score and bonuses.

Papa Pear Saga comes courtesy of King, the designers of the enormously popular Candy Crush Saga, and the current kings (heh heh) of Facebook gaming. Like Candy Crush Saga, Papa Pear Saga’s concept skirts closely—too closely, some might argue—to a hit game idea that’s already been done. Whereas Candy Crush Saga is a take on PopCap’s Bejeweled, Papa Pear Saga adapts Peggle, another casual classic by PopCap. However,Papa Pear Saga makes a few key adjustments to the formula, and it’s these adjustments that save the title from being damned as a mere imitator.

Papa Pear Saga Hack 2013 Download

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